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React router is one of the most used router in the React community.

<Router><Route path="/checkout/passengerdetails"><ComponentA /></Route><Route path="/checkout/baggage"><ComponentB /></Route></Router>

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Do you ever has the need to preview `pdf` on web ?. It’s so common but still draws every ounce of energy from a developer to make it work properly on every device.

Why it has to be so hard ?

My Attempts

1. Just open the pdf in the new tab and the browser will take care of it to preview correctly.

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I thought that should be easy and readily available.


Let’s see what were my expectations with…

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  1. Shebangs lines are added on top of command-line files. The line tells the system which executable has to be used to run the current file. The shebang line looks something like this:
#!/usr/bin/env node

The above line means: Execute with a node interpreter, using the program search path to find it.

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My experience with React hooks have been amazing. In this article, I will precisely talk on one of the most prominent hooks that we use on a daily basis which is useEffect.

What if I have to control the react components from non-react codebases ? Let me re-phrase it with some concrete scenario.

I love controlled components. Do you ?. Such a cliche question, but anyways let’s talk about controlled components with hooks.

A beautiful afternoon, working on regular stuff. Everything was going smoothly. Then a notification pops up on my screen saying `Hi`

Can we separate the env generation part and the build process? …

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Well, here I am explaining the pattern in React hooks. Who am I ? No body !! Don’t be mad because this is opinionated. Things which worked for me and the people around me.
That’s it.

Sanpshot of debug tool that we are going to achieve

I have been working on hooks for quite a long time. I use react hooks every day in my open source projects and also at work.

Anil Chaudhary

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